Maintaining sustainable ecosystems for all life on earth requires each of us to make changes in the way we utilize resources. With fossil fueled energy systems one of the leading contributors to climate change, clean energy systems can dramatically improve living conditions for most life forms on the planet. 

Efficiency First

Energy efficiency is the foundation of renewable energy. The cheapest energy is that which you don't use.  Most homes and businesses can save anywhere from 10 to 30% of their energy used, without a huge investment. We can help assess what is being used and where, make suggestions on reducing energy waste, and provide a clear roadmap to where you want to go with your home or business energy managment.



Solar in Alaska

With intense summer sun, and long hours of daylight, solar is ideally suited to the tourism industry. Yet, even in our far northern latitudes, solar works about nine months out of the year. Alaska solar installations can produces as much energy as those in Germany, one of the leading nations for solar power installations.



Our choices in Energy Matter

All energy is not equal. Burning fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide in quantities enough to chage our climate. renewable solar works, is affordable and is sustainable.